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Frequently Asked Questions

For Engagement Session

What does a package include?

With 2 hours session, we give you around 300 images, with 4 hours session, we give you around 400 - 500 images.

All the images will be edited with color corrections.

All the images are in original size from the camera, about 10 - 12 megapixels.

We give you images in either data DVD or by download.  Please note that we charge extra 2000 yen to ship DVD to ourside of Japan.



If the shooting locations are more than one area, how do we move to the next destination?

We use train, subway, bus, or taxi.  Fee for the public transportation in Tokyo area is included in the basic fee.  

Customer pay for the our transportation expenses during the photo session.



How can I make the reservation for the photo session?

First, please contact us with your shooting date and other details.  We will check our available date.

To secure the date, customer need to pay 50% of the final fee in advance.



How long do does it take until our photos are ready?

Usually about 3 weeks.  But you might need to wait for a little longer, around 4-5 weeks during the peak sesason, such as April or November.



Do you make the photo retouches on photos?

Yes, we edit the brightness and color balance of images.  

Skin retouch is applied to some images we think necessary, but not on all the images.

We do not make any retouches to change the shape of body, arms or faces.



How can I make the final payment for the photo session?

The final payment can be made by cash, bank transfer, or paypal.

In case of paypal, we need to charge extra 4% for the fee they charge.



How can I receive the final product?

You can an option of either download version, or by DVD data disc.  

In case your address is located oversea, we need to charge 1,500 yen for shipping & handling fee.



What happen in case of rain day or other bad weather?

In case of rain, we make a call and ask to choose one of those three options:


1. Change the date.  

It sucks to take pictures under the rain.  In some cases you only have pictures with umbrella on.  You might reserve an extra date for the off peak season, but not possible during the peak pre-wedding season, such as end of March - early April, and middle of November - middle of December.


2. Continue shooting.

Some people have limited schedule, especially if you are coming from outside of Japan.  

But please remember that you might not able to shoot at some locations under the rain, and number of images might decrease dramatically.

When you make a travel plan, I recommend you to make at least two open days for the photo session in case of bad weather.


3. Cancel the shooting

Some people have tight schedule and only one date might be available.  In that kind of case, you can cancel the shooting.  

We will return the deposite.  But for refound is only made via paypal, not via bank transfer if your bank account is based outside of Japan.



Do you have a hair  make up service?

Yes.  You can choose either visit our office in Kichijouji (about 20 min. from Shinjuku or Shibuya), or we come to your hotel.

If our stylist visit your hotel, it costs 15,000 yen plus travel expenses, or 10,000 yen if you visit our office.  

Out stylist does not come with us for engagement photo session.



Where do you travel?

We travel any where in Japan or in the world.  For pre-wedding, we have visited Kyoto, Hokkaido, Kawazu, Gifu, Fukuoka, and Nara.

We also have visited California, Boston, New York, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong in the past.

​Please contact us for traveling cost for your shooting destination.





For more questions, please send us a message via message form.

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